About the Faculty of Culture and Information Science

The Faculty of Culture and Information Science aims at fostering specialists who can comprehend and analyze the increasingly complicated human beings and their world with scientific research methods. We welcome young talents from all over the world who share with us our academic discipline: in-depth understanding of various cultures, logical and critical thinking, and such scientific skills and abilities as statistics-oriented analyzing methods and computer sciences. We provide lectures from four different academic fields, namely, culture, linguistics, human behavior, and human society. At the same time, students are asked to acquire the knowledge and the skills in the fields of mathematics, statistics, and computer science. With these skills and newly developed interests in various aspects of culture, students participate in our gJoint Researchh program in their third academic year and practice their research methods and skills before they engage in the graduation researches in their final academic year. We are proud of generating highly-skilled talent with wide cultural knowledge who will lead the advancement of the globalized world in the spheres of academics, media, business, IT industry among others.