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(Last updated on April 20, 2001)

Academic Organizations
**List of links to web sites of 20 communication organizations on Southern States Communication Association web page
**List of links to many organizations, particularly ones related to telecommunication
Communication and Education Associations l
Communication Links
**List of links to 21 organizations on Western States Communication Association
Links to Communication Associations
Internet Research Links
**A long list of links, including communication organizations, links related to fields of communication, and search engines.
NCA Affiliate Organizations and Related Organizations
**Links to a wide variety of organizations related to communication
Regional Communication Associations
State and Territory Communication Associations
**Extensive list of communication associations in the US

Individual Organizations
American Business Women's Association (ABWA)
To bring together businesswomen of diverse occupations and to provide opportunities for them to help themselves and others grow personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking support, and national recognition.
American Communication Association
ACA was created to promote academic and professional research, criticism, teaching, practical use, and exchange of principles and theories of human communication. Our community embraces researchers, teachers, business persons, and specialists located in North, Central, and South America and in the Caribbean.
Arkansas State Communication Association
ABC The Association for Business Communication
Association for Chinese Communication Studies
...the Association for Chinese Communication Studies (ACCS) is an ethnically inclusive, non-profit professional organization with a mission to promote the study of Chinese culture and communication.
The Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC)
The Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication is an international association of more than 3,300 journalism/mass communication faculty, students, administrators, and professionals. AEJMC's members come from more than 28 countries, with the majority working in the United States and Canada. Founded in 1912, AEJMC is the oldest association of journalism and mass communication educators at the college level.
Association for Educational Communications and Technology
Augmentative Communication, Inc.
Distributed worldwide, Augmentative Communication News (ACN) and Alternatively Speaking (AS) provide the latest information on hot topics in the field, discussion of vital issues for AAC stakeholders and news from the AAC community.
Broadcast Education Association
The Broadcast Education Association is the professional association for professors, industry professionals and graduate students who are interested in teaching and research related to electronic media and multimedia enterprises.
Center for Environmental Communication Studies
The Center originated in 1994 as an interdisciplinary research and service organization dedicated to the study of communication processes and practices in environmental and health policy contexts. The mission of the Center is to enhance the understanding and quality of communication processes and practices among citizen, industry, and government participants in environmental and health policy formation and implementation.

The Center's research agenda includes the design, analysis, and evaluation of informational and persuasive messages and campaigns produced by and addressed to individuals and institutions which pertain to environmental and human health risk contexts and controversies; the analysis and evaluation of communication processes within environmental and health-related organizations; and the design, facilitation, and evaluation of processes of stakeholder involvement in risk-based decision-making.
Center for Global Communication (GLO-COM) International University of Japan
GLOCOM was established in 1991 as a social science research institute specializing in the study of information society as well as Japanese society. From the outset it was thought that the collection and dissemination of information through the utilization of computer networks was important, and this goal was realized in 1993 when the center established an Internet connection. Ever since, by utilizing the most up-to-date information and communication technologies, GLOCOM has been able to engage in various research activities, including generation of policy proposals and involvement in education-related projects. GLOCOM has set out to be a modern information "intelprise", an institution promoting the distribution and sharing of "wisdom".
Central States Communication Association
The mission of the Central States Communication Association is to unite those persons in the Central States area with an academic or professional interest in all disciplines of communication in all educational levels, for the promotion of their mutual interests and the advancement of their common field.
CTAM (Communication and Theater Association of Minnesota)
Communications Central
**Lists of links for many subjects, including health communications, media resources, etc.
Communication Institute for Online Scholarship
**Web page with online articles.
The English-Speaking Union
The mission of the ESU is to promote international understanding and human achievement through the English language. We achieve our aims through scholarships, awards, debating and public speaking events and a variety of educational programmes for young people from all over the world. School children, students and young professionals are targeted because the future of international relations will be in their hands. They share a common language in English through which they are able to share thoughts and feelings, to transmit information, to explain, discuss, argue and persuade. The young people who take part in our programmes emerge better equipped to contribute to their society and with a better understanding of the world they live in.

The linchpin of this activity is the international headquarters at Dartmouth House which not only manages the international programmes but also provides advice and support for national ESU programmes. It also is responsible for the extraordinary international growth of the ESU which now embraces 47 countries on all five continents. Thousands of ESU members in the UK and all over the world are able to share their ideas and culture through the ESU global network and regard Dartmouth House as their base.

The ESU was launched on 28 June 1918 on the initiative of journalist, Evelyn Wrench together with sixteen friends, with the aim of promoting closer ties between English speaking peoples. The first public meeting was addressed by former Prime Minister, A J Balfour and Dartmouth House itself was opened in 1927 by Prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin. Since then, with the support and guidance of many distinguished public figures, the ESU has adapted and grown to meet the needs of a changing world. In a refurbished Dartmouth House, we are well placed to meet the challenges of the new century.
The English-Speaking Union in Japan
International Association of Business Communicators
IABC, the International Association of Business Communicators, is the leading resource for effective communication practice. We provide products, services, activities and networking opportunities to help people and organizations achieve excellence in public relations, employee communication, marketing communication, public affairs and other forms of communication. People around the world -- in every industry and in the public and nonprofit sectors -- have taken advantage of our resources to advance their careers and meet organizational objectives.
ICA International Communication Association
The International Communication Association was formed in 1950 bringing together academicians and other professionals whose interest focused on human communication.

The Association maintains an active membership of more than 3,400 individuals of which some two-thirds are teaching and conducting research in colleges, universities and schools around the world. Other members are in government, the media, communication technology, business law, medicine and other professions.
International Federation of Communication Associations
The International Federation of Communication Associations (IFCA) is a newly incorporated organization oriented towards improving the sharing of research in our field on a global basis. The Federation was created because of the felt need that there is very limited exchange of communications research between both developed and developing countries.
International & Intercultural Communication Division (IICD) NCA
International and Intercultural Communication is one of the largest and most diverse divisions of the National Communication Association. IICD promotes research, service, and teaching that enhances our understanding and appreciation of ethnic, cultural, and intellectual diversity.
The aim of the Society is to provide a professional association for academics and practioners with an interest in the growing field of telecommunications and economic decision analysis. It intends to systematically encourage distribution of information, discussions and research concerning telecommunication issues, legislative and policy decisions.
International Telecommunication Union
The ITU, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland is an international organization within which governments and the private sector coordinate global telecom networks and services.
National Association for Broadcasters
**An organization for radio and television broadcasters.
NCA National Communication Association
**One of the largest and most varied US professional organizations for communication scholars, teachers, etc.
OSCLG Organization for the Study of Communication, Language & Gender
OSCLG--the Organization for the Study of Communication, Language and Gender--has ... sought to provide a forum for professional discussion, presentation of research and demonstration of creative projects in the areas of communication, language and gender, and to promote recognition of those doing work in this area. Members of OSCLG believe that interaction across a wide spectrum of disciplines is needed to foster more insightful discussion of the issues of language, gender and communication. Similarly, OSCLG seeks to include contributions from teachers, consultants and practitioners as well as researchers. An annual conference supports the mission of OSCLG, and awards are made during this conference to honor individuals who contribute to the study of communication and gender.
Pacific and Asian Communication Association (PACA)
PACA, a non-profit corporation, was founded March 1, 1995 as an educational, scientific and literary association to promote the study, criticism, research, teaching, and application of the artistic, humanistic, and scientific principles of communication.

The membership is open to persons interested in promoting the Association's purposes. The Association territorial sphere of operation is inclusive of but not exclusive to the area of the Pacific Rim, including the Western parts of the Asian continent, and the continents, islands, and land masses in between.
Professional Communication Society
the IEEE Professional Communication Society was concerned with the art of clear writing and speaking. Now our interests extend to distance learning, web design and hypertext, document usability, video, team writing, visual communication, information design, communication and publication management and production, user interface design, and information dissemination, retrieval, and use.
The Public Relations Society of America
PRSA is the world's largest organization for public relations professionals. Its nearly 20,000 members, organized worldwide in over 100 chapters, represent business and industry, technology, counseling firms, government, associations, hospitals, schools, professional services firms and nonprofit organizations.

Chartered in 1947, PRSA's primary objectives are to advance the standards of the public relations profession and to provide members with professional development opportunities through continuing education programs, information exchange forums and research projects conducted on the national and local levels.
Religious Communication Association
RCA (formerly RSCA) is an academic society founded in 1973 by people interested in the study of all aspects of public religious communication. As an interfaith scholarly and professional organization, RCA seeks to promote honest, respectful and profound dialogue which reflects the diversity of religious beliefs, subject matter concerns, methodologies, and professions of its members. RCA is pleased to present the following resources for members and non-members alike.
SIETAR (The International Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research)
SIETAR, the Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research, is a global network of national, regional and local SIETAR organizations. Some groups formed around geographic proximity, others around particular interests. Each organization is unique and attends to the issues that are close to home or prevalent in its group, but the idea and mission of SIETAR reaches across national and cultural boundaries. The members of SIETAR groups consist of consultants, trainers, educators, managers, scholars, researchers, artists, volunteers and others who are making significant contributions to cross-cultural operations in both multicultural and international contexts.
SIETAR Global Network
The Young SIETAR network is an exciting opportunity in the world of intercultural education, training, research and management. It provides a forum for interaction between students and young professionals who share an interest in a wide variety of intercultural practice and research. Through its various activities, Young SIETAR aims at building a bridge in this dynamic field between juniors and professionals, educating a new generation of interculturalists. Young SIETAR is a group of young adults, aged 18 to 30, who acknowledge the need to be profound in how we live our lives and who is willing to tackle the challenge this intriguing planet brings us.
Society for Technical Communication
STC is an individual membership organization dedicated to advancing the arts and sciences of technical communication - it is the largest organization of its type in the world. Its 25,000 members include technical writers, editors, graphic designers, videographers, multimedia artists, Web and Intranet page information designers, translators and others whose work involves making technical information available to those who need it.
Southern States Communication Association (SSCA)
WSCA The Western States Communication Association
WCA World Communication Association
**Newsletters, information about conferences, etc.

Canadian Communication Association The Canadian Communication Association is a bilingual, national organization founded in 1980 that brings together communication teachers, researchers and professionals from the university, government and private enterprise sectors.

Its purpose is to promote the investigation of communication issues in Canada. Members come from all provinces and a variety of disciplinary backgrounds including journalism, communication studies, and the social and human sciences.

European Speech Communication Association

Communication Association of Japan
**An organization for scholars interested in communication studies and communication education, especially as they apply to Japan;
Japan Business English Association
**An association of professionals interested in the areas of business correspondence, communication studies, and communication technology.

**Links to web pages of communication related conferences.
Conference and Events Listings

Individual Conferences
ABWA Conferences
**Conferences of the American Business Women's Association.
ABC Convention
**Conferences of the Association for Business Communication.
ACA Convention
**Conferences of the American Communication Association.
ICBA Conferences
**Conferences of the International Association of Business Communicators.
Conference 2001
ICA Convention
**Conferences of the International Communication Association.
NCA Convention
**Conferences of the National Communication Association.
SSCA Conference **Conferences of the Southern States Communication Association.
WSCA Conference
**Conferences of the Western States Communication Association.
World Communication Association (WCA) Calls for Papers
WCA 2001 Bennial Conference

Journals and Newsletters
ComResources Online
**Links to online communication journals.
Journals Canadian Communication Association
Journals from ICA
Human Communication Research
Communication Yearbook
Communication Theory
Journal of Communication
ICA Newsletter
Other Publications
**Information about the International Communication Association journals, calls for papers, etc.
Journals and Other Electronic Media
**Links to telecommunication-related journals and other information.
NCA Journals
 The Quarterly Journal of Speech
 Communication Monographs
 Communication Education
 Critical Studies in Media Communication
 Journal of Applied Communication Research
 Text and Performance Quarterly
 The Review of Communication
 Acceptance rates for NCA journals
**Information about journals of the National Communication Association.
Oxford University Press Journals
Tables of contents for current communication serials

Individual Journals and Newsletters
The American Communication Journal
Commissioned by the American Communication Association's Board of Directors at the 1996 Annual Convention in historic Charleston, South Carolina, The American Communication Journal is a completely online, blind-reviewed publication, dedicated to the conscientious analysis and criticism of significant communicative artifacts.
Canadian Journal of Communication CCA's journal
A journal of research and scholarship encompassing the field of communication and journalism studies giving emphasis to Canadian work and Canadian issues.
Communication Theory
Computer Mediated Communication Magazine
Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine
Current issue of CIOS/Comserve Intercom newsletter
EJC/REC: The Electronic Journal of Communication / La Revue Electronique de Communication
Table of Contents
Electronic Connections
**SSCA's official newsletter
Electronic Journal Miner
**Web page which searches a wide variety of web pages
The Electronic Journal of Communication
Full-Text Electronic Journals in Speech Communication
Journal of Applied Communication
Journal of Communication
Journal of Communication Studies Arkansas State Communication Association
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication (JCMC)
Links to Psychological/Social Science Journals
**A web page which searches more than 150,000 journals, magazines, etc.
Communique - Table of Contents SIETAR
The SIETAR International Journal
The Southern States Communication Association Newsletter
Speech Education Back Issues Vols. 1-12 (Tables of Contents)
Web Journal of Mass Communication Research
World Communication
World Communication Back Issues Vols. 1-29 (Tables of Contents)
WCA Newsletter

Information only:
Communication Studies Central Communication Association
Communication Education
**Call for manuscripts, subscription information, etc.
The Edge The E-Journal of intercultural relations
Human Communication Research ICA
**information, table of contents and abstracts
Southern Communication Journal SSCA
Women and Language ICA
Women and Language is an international, interdisciplinary research periodical publishing thought-provoking essays and inquiries, book reviews, bibliographies, and more, on topics of interest to a wide range of scholars interested in communication, language and gender.

Links to Useful Information
Academic Research Starting Points
**Useful links to resources for communication scholars.
Bibliographies Intercultural Nonverbal Communication: A Bibliography
Politeness: A Bibliography
Culture and Education: A bibliography
Center for Communication Studies Language and Linguistics
**Links to associations, conferences, resources, etc.
CIOS (Communication Institute for Online Scholarship)

Whitepages now provides information on 4,000 communication scholars/students; hot links allow you to auto-send email to listed individuals; other hot links allow auto search for background information on individuals (publications, e-conference contributions, etc.). Try it:

CIOS WWW System Supports New Whitepages Directory
The inauguration of the new world wide web interface to CIOS/Comserve services made it possible to significantly enhance the whitepages service -- the online directory of communication scholars and students. It is now considerably more interactive and provides access to a very large database of communication scholars.

The new CIOS whitepages database contains information on more than 4,000 scholars and students. You can search the database for any text string: names, professional interests, email addresses, etc. The search system supports wildcard searching, proximity searching, and full Boolean search logic.

The best feature however is that the displayed search results are interactive. If a located entry contains an email address, it will be displayed by your browser as a selectable hot link. Simply click on it and your browser will allow you to send mail to that address.

All last names in entries are also displayed as selectable hot links. Click on a last name and you'll be able to search other CIOS databases to obtain background information on that individual including their record of publications and hotline conference messages that contain the person's name, perhaps from a discussion in which he/she participated or a discussion in which people mentioned his/her work.

The new system can function as an interactive directory to the field and as a front end to other CIOS databases. Preparing to visit a communication department to give a talk or interview for a job? Selecting a Masters or Ph.D. program? Search by geographic location (e.g., "Salt Lake City") and you can locate most of the communication scholars who live there. Click on a scholar's last name and quickly pull up his/her publication record.

With the new whitepages system, the CIOS is withdrawing support for the long-standing email based system provided within the Comserve email interface since 1986. The new whitepages system is available now and will remain available to the general public until the start of the 1996-1997 academic year when it will become restricted to CIOS members and those from CIOS affiliate institutions.
**Great resources for studying communication.
Many services available only to members.
A collaborative research study of computer-mediated communication.
**A collaborative study of online communication,
**for CIOS members
Communication World Lecture Hall
**Class syllabuses, textbook lists, etc., on a wide variety of classes related to communication.
Communication Bookmarks
**Various general links and communication-specific links.
Our department offers a variety of humanities and social science based courses of study as well as many opportunities for the professional development of our students. Use this site to find out about events and programs of study in Communication, Dance & Theatre, to contact the department, or to retrieve convenient registration forms. l
Communication Links
**Communication resources in a variety of fields.
Communications and Networking in Education: Learning in a Networked Society
The International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) and its Working Groups 3.1 (ICT on secondary education) and 3.5 (ICT on elementary education) in association with 3.6 (distance learning) under the Technical Committee on Education (TC3) invite researchers, developers, and practitioners to share their experiences in an Open Conference Communications and Networking in Education: Learning in a Networked Society, ComNEd'99 in Aulanko, Finland.
Communication Research Weblinks
Communication Resources On-line
Communication Ring
This is the general purpose page for the communication ring. Here you'll find out what the ring is all about, next steps for joining, and the details for coding a page within the ring.
sites in the communication ring
Communication--Social Sciences
**Links to various organizations, periodicals, etc.
Communication Studies Center American Communication Association
**Links to a variety of resources, including journals/newspapers, syllabi, calls for submissions/participation, etc.
Communication World
Here we have compiled a short list of resources that may be useful to researchers, academics, and professionals in various areas related to communication studies.
ComResources online
ComWeb MegaSearch
Full Text Search of 12,000 Web Pages from 250 Communication/Journalism/Speech/Rhetoric - Related Web Sites University of Texas
**Links to online journals, language and culture resources, etc.
**Information about how to subscribe to the Communication Research and Theory Network
Cultural Communication Media Studies
**Many useful resources related to communication.
Electronic Reference Shelf Research Centers
General Communications Studies
**Links to journals, organizations, etc.
Graduate Student Association
**Links to various types of speech communication resources, some specifically for University of Illinois graduate students, but many general resources.
Grant and Fellowship Archive
Guide to Resources in Speech Communication
Happy Fun Communication Land
**An excellent site with extensive information about various areas of communication.
International Communication
**Links to a variety of sites related to various ethnic groups.
The Internet as a Tool for the Communication Scholar
Internet Research Links
**A vast list of useful links.
Internet Resources
**List of sites in mass communication, group communication, organizational communication, hypermedia, e-mail, computer-mediated communication, etc.
**Very good resource for public speaking, etc.
Links of Interests AEJMC
Links To Communication Information Resources
Links to Communication Research-Related Sites
Links to Other Related Sites The Chinese Communication Association
Links to Resources University of Iowa
Links to web sites on peace and conflict resolution
Media and Communication Sites
**A wide variety of links related to such topics as TV and radio, textual analysis, media education, and film studies.
MindCom: Communication and Mind Forum
The forum is intended for students of this subject from various backgrounds and levels of academia and beyond.
Open Directory Communication
**Directories to various communication-related topics.
Oral Communication Links Page
Research Archives Association for Chinese Communication Studies
Radio Archive of the University of Memphis
Research & CRTNET News
The daily electronic newsletter serviced by the National Communication Association
Research Resources Speech Communication Graduate Student Association
Rogue Communication Domain Directory

**A variety of useful communication-related materials.
Speech Associations, News, and other Web Links for Professionals
Speech Communication Resources
Test your knowledge of human communication
Virtual Communication Assistants

Welcome to the Virtual Communication Assistants Site. This site links a series of tutorials designed to assist individuals in various interpersonal tasks. These resource sites include:

The Virtual Presentation Assistant
The Virtual Meeting Assistant
The Virtual Interviewing Assistant
The Virtual Research Assistant
The Virtual Statistical Assistant
The Virtual Team Assistant (U of Illinios)
The Virtual Teaching Assistant

These online resources are not complete in themselves but have links to relevant www and non www material.
Window on the Web University of Kansas

**Communication-related pages maintained by the University of Kansas Department of Communication.
WWW Communication Resources
**Various communication-related links.
WWW Virtual Library: Social Science
Yahoo : Social Science : Communications :

Areas in Communication

**Lists of links.
Advertising Department Michigan State University
Advertising Links
Communication Studies: Advertising

Business Communication
Business and Technical Communication Ohio State University
Business Communication ACA
Business Communication E-mail Discussion Lists
Business Communication Quarterly
Business Communication Resources
Business Communication Resources Student Web Site
Business Communication Resource Links
The Journal of Business Communication (JBC)
Wired Resume

Argumentation Theory
Debate Central
**Links to a variety of debate-related pages.
CEDA The Cross Examination Debate Association
Debate Net
Minnesota Debate Teachers Association
National Debate Tournament Home Page
The NDT home page is designed to provide information about NDT-style intercollegiate debate and links to the home pages of NDT debate programs at colleges and universities in the U.S.
Speech & Debate
**Links to useful web sites.
Wake Forest University Debate Team

Health Communication
HealthCom: The Health Communication Forum
Welcome to the Health Communication student forum. The forum is intended for students of this subject from various backgrounds and levels of academia and beyond. In other words, it's intended for you if you're interested!
Health and Science Communication
International Health Communication Hotline

Intercultural Communication
Association for Business Communication Intercultural Committee
British Studies in Intercultural Communication
Centre for Intercultural Communication
Cross-Cultural Resources on the Web
CTHEORY is an international journal of theory, technology and culture. Articles, interviews, and key book reviews in contemporary discourse are published weekly as well as theorisations of major "event-scenes" in the mediascape.
**Frequently Asked Questions list for a list on cultural studies, including subscription information.
Department of Intercultural Communication and Management
Research Center Department of Communication: Southeastern Louisiana University
**Extensive list of links.
IAICS International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies
Intercultural Communication Southern Illinois University
**a division of SSCA
Intercultural Communication
This site goes into research, courses and publications on: communication strategies, adult language learning, language learning in computers (neural networks), and language vitality of ethnic groups in Europe, Australia, and South Africa.
Intercultural Communication
**An online journal.
Intercultural Communication Center l.html
Intercultural Communication Homepage
**Useful web page with an extensive list of links.
Intercultural Communication Institute
**Institute which offers courses in intercultural communication.
Intercultural Communication Loop
**A web ring of intercultural communication sites
Intercultural Communication
Intercultural Communication
Intercultural Communication class
Intercultural Communication class
Intercultural Communication: SIS Fall semester 1997
Intercultural Communication Useful Sources for Information in a Search Strategy Format
Intercultural communication The McGraw-Hill Companies
Intercultural Communication and Competence
**These pages provide links to various organizations and resources that may be useful to people interested in intercultural communication and competence (ICC) especially as they affect management and employment practices in Europe and related areas.

'ICC' is used as an umbrella term for several related areas such as: intercultural competence, cross-cultural training, multiculturalism, etc.
The Intercultural Communication Network (ICCN)
The aims of the Intercultural Communication Network is to
promote intercultural education and research
discuss and exchange information related to intercultural issues
market intercultural skills of the network members
arrange and participate in intercultural symposia. l
Intercultural Communication Related Websites
Intercultural Communication: Select Bibliography
Intercultural Communication Study Guide l
Intercultural Communication Website Overview
Intercultural Management Quarterly
**Resources related to intercultural communication, including information about dealing with culture shock, links to conferences and information about educational programs.
Internet for International Communication
**Lessons introducing students to the use of the internet.
Japan Center for Intercultural Communication
Jennifer's Language Page
At this site you can learn how to say several words and phrases in hundreds of different languages. My goal is to include every language, so that people will be able to say at least a few words to anyone they meet, anywhere in the world.
Media, Information Technology and Intercultural Communication Studies (MITICS) Consulting Group
Society for Cross-Cultural Research
SCCR is an organization of about 200 members devoted to pursuing cross-cultural research from a multidisciplinary perspective. The Society includes Psychologists, Anthropologists, Sociologists, other social scientists, and members of other disciplines such as Communications, Business, and Education. SCCR was founded by George Murdock and others in 1971 when he was head of the Cross-Cultural Cumulative Coding Center at the University of Pittsburgh. Ronald Rhoner, also instrumental in the decision to found the Society, organized the first meeting in 1972 and drafted the constitution and by-laws. The Society is committedly multidisciplinary, and its Presidency rotates among Anthropologists, Psychologists, and other social scientists. Whereas early members were heavily involved in hologeistic research, often in conjunction with the Human Relations Area Files (HRAF), the methodological perspectives of the membership have broadened over the years to include a wide range of cross-cultural interests and approaches.
Virtual Intercultural Communication
**Bulletin board for discussion of intercultural communication.
Web Resources for Intercultural Communication Classes

Interpersonal Communication
C122: Interpersonal Communication
**Course syllabus and materials.
Empathy Interpersonal and small group communication
Interpersonal Communication
**PowerPoint lecture.
Interpersonal Communication Articles
Interpersonal Communication Resources on the Web and on the Net
Popular films for interpersonal communication and small group communication
In this section we provide recommendations of popular films, documentaries, and television shows which have instructional value. We will also post instructions for assignments using these resources.
TEXTBOOKS for Interpersonal Communication, Group Communication, etc.
**Links to publishers with annotations about what the types of textbooks that they specialize in. Also, links to annotated lists of textbooks.

Mass Communication and Telecommunication
Communications & Telecommunications
**A list of links in a wide variety of areas.
Film Resources
Film Studies Resources
Gender and Race in Media
Journalism Resources
The Popular Communication Division of the International Communication Association

Nonverbal Communication
Nonverbal Communication
**Brief explanations of various aspects of nonverbal communication, with applications to management.
Nonverbal communication
**Some nonverbal communication information.
Nonverbal communication
**Explanation of issues related to nonverbal communication.
Nonverbal Communication Research Page Louisiana College rbal
Nonverbal Communication
**A links page for resources related to nonverbal communication.
**A thesis about nonverbal communication in text-based virtual worlds
Exploring Nonverbal Communication

Organizational Communication
Defining the Organizational Communication Track
Human Resource Management Resources on the Internet
**An extensive list of links to resources. x.htm
Organizational Behaviour, Interpersonal & Communication Skills Courseware
Organizational Communication
**Bibliography of organizational communication articles.
Organizational Communication Research
The Social Design of Worklife With Computers and Networks: An Open Natural Systems Perspective
Web Resources
**Links to web resources for course in global organizational communication.

Public Relations
PUBLIC RELATIONS Southern States Communication Association
Public Relations Society of America

Public Speaking
American Public Address
**Texts of some famous American speeches, with explanation of the context in which the speech was delivered.
Douglass - Archives of American Public Address
**Extensive resources, a well-organized and ever-growing resource for American public speeches.
Gifts of Speech
History Channel's Speech Archive Recordings of significant public speeches on a variety of topics. Requires RealAudio player to listen to the speeches.
Links for public speaking
**A wide variety of useful links to resources related to speeches, advice for public speakers, etc.
Martin Luther King Archives
Online Speech Bank
Public Speaking McGraw-Hill's
Public Speaking Website
Reference Links for Students of Public Address
Selected Speeches John Fitzgerald Kennedy
The Speaker's Companion
**Information about a program to help in writing and delivering speeches.
**Commercial site for generating speeches for a variety of occasions.
Speech Communication
Speeches and Speechmakers
**Links to many different speeches and resources for writing speeches.

Aristotle's Rhetoric
The Forest of Rhetoric
This online rhetoric, provided by Dr. Gideon Burton of Brigham Young University, is a guide to the terms of classical and renaissance rhetoric. Sometimes it is difficult to see the forest (the big picture) of rhetoric because of the trees (the hundreds of Greek and Latin terms naming figures of speech, etc.) within rhetoric.

This site is intended to help beginners, as well as experts, make sense of rhetoric, both on the small scale (definitions and examples of specific terms) and on the large scale (the purposes of rhetoric, the patterns into which it has fallen historically as it has been taught and practiced for 2000+ years).
A Glossary of Rhetorical Terms with Examples
The House of Rhetoric Is Always Open
Presidential Campaign Rhetoric 2004
Rhetoric and Public Address Resources
Rhetorical Resources
Rhetorical Studies Resources
Rhetorical Sstudies, Theory, and Philosophy

Speech Communication
Speech Communication 210
**Modules for course in Fundamentals of Public Communication.
Speech Communication 212
**Advice and resources for writing a persuasive speech.
Research Resources from the Speech Communication Graduate Student Association at UIUC
UCLA Speech and Debate
Suggested Speech Communication References

Mailing Lists
Arkansas State Communication Association
Business Communication E-mail Discussion Lists
Commun-L Discussion List
Subscription Address: Send an email message "Show Hotlines" This will send you a description of the hotlines.
To subscribe to a chosen Comserv e-conference, the form of the message should be as follows: Join Hotline name Your name
Numerous e-conferences pertaining to topics related to study of human communication are available through the services of

CSCAISGC (CSCA Interpersonal & Small Group Communication) : LISTSERV@PSUVM.PSU.EDU
language-culture (Language and Culture Distribution):
Announcements for NDT debate
Discussion of NDT Debate
This e-conference is part of the Comserve system, and its aim is to provide information about recently released and forthcoming books in communication studies.
Archives: Gopher://
Discussion of issues and studies in communication and information technology.
This e-conference, Visual and Verbal Semiotics, was formerly Telesi-L. It aims for dicussion addressing issues related to semiotics, verbal and non-verbal communication, language behavior, visual issues, and liguistics.
Stutt-L is devoted to the problem of stuttering.

XCUL (Cross-Cultural Researchers' List) : LISTSERV@UTEPVM.UTEP.EDU
XCULT-L (International Intercultural Newsletter): LISTSERV@PSUVM.PSU.EDU
Discussion of the X*Change information service that X*Press Information Services Ltd. distributes over some cable television systems. Topics include general information, datastream format, alternate user interfaces, etc

Communication Programs
Academic Communications Sites Around the World
This list compiles Communications, Journalism and Media sites in universities around the world.
Canadian Departments of Communication
Colleges and Departments of Communication SSCA
** Long list of links to communication programs throughout the US
College & University Speech Communication and Theater Departments
Communication Departments & Programs
Communication Programs
Communication Studies in Higher Education
Directory of Graduate Programs
Links to Graduate Programs in Communication Studies
University (Comms and Telecoms Departments)
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Individual Programs or Departments
School of Communication American University
Communication Arts & Sciences Calvin College
Doane College's Communication Studies Department
Communication & Rhetorical Studies Duquesne University
School of Communication Emerson College
Department of Communication and Theatre Emporia State University
General Communications Studies Governors State University
Human Performance & Training Governors State University
Intercultural and International Communication Governors State University
Communication Studies Indiana University
Department of Communication and Culture Indiana University
Speech and Theater Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
Department of Communication Michigan State University
Department of Communication NC State University
Department of Communication NOrth Dakota State University
Department of Communication Northern Kentucky University
Speech Communication Northwestern State University
Speech Communication Interaction Program Oklahoma State University
School of Interpersonal Communication Ohio University
Speech Department Oklahoma State University
Communication, Dance and Theatre Saint Mary's College
Department of Speech Communication Southwest Texas State University
The Unofficial Suffolk College Web Stite
University of Colorado at Boulder Department of Communication
Department of Advertising & Public Relations the University of Alabama
Center for Environmental Communication Studies University of Cinncinaty
Department of Speech Communication University of Illinois
Communication Studies University of Kansas
University of Maine Department of Communication and Journalism
Department of Communication University of Maryland
Department of Communication University of Missouri
Communication Department the University of Missouri at St. Louis
Department of Communication Studies University of Northern Iowa
Department of Communication The University of Southern Maine
Speech Communication the University of Texas at Austin
University of Utah Department of Communication
School of Communication University of Washington
Wake Forest University
Department of Communication Wayne State University
Department of Communications & Theatre Arts Western Connecticut State University

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Guilford Publications
Harcourt College Publishers
Houghton Mifflin
KendallHunt Publishing Company
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates
Mayfield Publishing Company
Peterlang Lang Publishing Group
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Roxbury Publishing Company
Sage Publications
SIU Press
State University of New York Press
Strata Publishing
University of Chicago Press
The University of Alabama Press
University of South Carolina Press
Waveland Press
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Joan E. Aitken's Web
**Links to journals, student support resources, and textbooks support resources.
Steven R. Corman
**Information about Prof. Corman's research, courses in organizational communication and communication technology, and other interests.
Cynthia Galivan's Home Page
**Information about Prof. Galivin's courses in speech communication and composition.
Robert L. Ivie
**Information on Prof. Ivie's courses in rhetoric.
John Louis Lucaites
**Information on Prof. Lucaites research and teaching on rhetoric.
Kristina K. Horn Sheeler
**Information on Prof. Sheeler's research on women's political rhetoric and her teaching in various fields of communication.
Robert E. Terrill
**Information about Prof. Terrill's courses in public speaking, political communication, and communication and culture.
Scott Tucker Home Page
**Information on Prof. Tucker's courses speech courses and links to communication-related web resources.
Sarah Zupko's Cultural Studies Center
**Links to journals, papers, conferences, etc., related to popular culture.