Tavern on the Green

(last updated on 1/15/2002)

    Tavern on the Green had unbelievable decorations including poinsettias all over the halls and rooms. They had even a Santa Claus and a sled in front of the building. Tavern on the Green also had the best tree lights. More than twenty trees on their patio were lit with white, blue and red lights. I have never seen such a scene in my life.

    Santa Claus out in front of Tavern on the Green on Christmas Day

    Lighted trees on the patio

    Lighted trees on the patio

    The Rafters, one of the Tavern on the Green's six dining rooms, decorated for Christmas.

    Poinsettias in the hallway of the Tavern on the Green.

    For Christmas dinner at Tavern on the Green, you get a choice of different appetizers, main dishes, and desserts. Kenji had shrimp for the appetizer.

    Although it is not traditional for Christmas dinner, Kenji had prime rib for his main dish.

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